Tattoo Request Form

Please understand that filling out this form does not guarantee an appointment with me. Due to the amount of requests I receive, I am unable to take on every project.

















Please note: I do not take on big scale pieces or do sleeves at this time. I prefer to do single sitting pieces. 3 -5 hours at the most. Thank you for understanding. 

• Where are you located?

I currently work out of a private studio in Northern Los Angeles.

• How do I book an appointment with you?

Please fill out the tattoo request form in order to be considered for an appointment. Unfortunately, due to the amount of requests I receive, I cannot book everyone who submits a tattoo request. I usually pick tattoo ideas I’d have the most fun with. Please take a look at my portfolio to get an idea of the type of work that I prefer to do. I also have a portfolio from which you can choose pre-drawn designs. I usually post those on Instagram as they become available.

• What are your rates?

I do not have an hourly rate. I price according to design, size, placement, etc. In order to give you a price quote, please make sure you are descriptive as possible with your tattoo request. I have a $300 minimum, no matter how small the design. I do require a NON-REFUNDABLE $100 deposit to book an appointment.

• How far are you booked?

Usually 3-4 months in advance.

• Do you take walk-in’s?

No, I work by appointment only.

• Will you be coming to (insert your city here)?

I’ve been doing a lot less traveling lately, but I do post my travel schedule on my Instagram. Keep an eye out for updates!

• Will you tattoo another artists artwork on me?

In some cases, yes. It really depends on the artwork and I do require you obtain permission from the original artist before submitting a request.

• Can I get your artwork tattooed by someone else?

In most cases, no. Please have respect for my artwork. Most of the designs I create for my clients are one of a kind. Please ask before getting one of my designs tattooed.

• Can you fix my shitty tattoo?

Most of the time I do not fix, cover-up, add-on to, or re-do someone else’s work. I do occasionally make exceptions if I feel like it’s something fairly easy to work with. Please send a photo of your shitty tattoo(s) if inquiring about fix-up’s.

• Do you do commissions?

Due to my full workload, I do not have time for commissions other than custom work for clients who book a tattoo appointment.

• Are there certain areas on the body you will not tattoo?

I will not tattoo anyone’s face, throat, neck, and I also do not tattoo genital areas. I have also stopped tattooing hands/fingers due to poor healing. This is my personal choice so please respect my decision to not tattoo any of these areas.