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Alex is currently not taking appoinmtments


















• Where are you located?

Alex works out of a private studio in Los Angeles. She also travels from time to time doing conventions and guest spots. Travel updates are posted to Instagram (@alexstrangler).

• How do I book an appointment?

Please fill out the tattoo request form in order to be considered for an appointment. Please do not e-mail directly. Unfortunately, due to the amount of requests received, we cannot book everyone who submits a tattoo request. Alex usually picks tattoo ideas she’d have the most fun with. Please take a look at Alex’s portfolio to get an idea of the type of work she prefers to do. The easiest way to get an appointment is to pick something from her portfolio. Sometimes she closes her books for custom work and would rather tattoo her own fun ideas, in which case you can pick something here.

• What are your rates?

Alex does not have an hourly rate. Pricing is by design, size, placement, etc. In order to give you a price quote on a custom design, please make sure you are descriptive as possible with your tattoo request and include reference photos. There is a $300 minimum, no matter how small the design. A NON-REFUNDABLE $100 PayPal deposit is required to book an appointment. The deposit goes toward the final cost of your tattoo. More than one request to alter the artwork and/or complete redraws will require an additional deposit. Deposits need to be sent as soon as a date/time is agreed upon to secure your appointment. Please note: Deposits are non-refundable. This means if you cancel your appointment or don’t show up, you don’t get it back.

• Will you tattoo another artists artwork on me?

If it’s something similar in style, possibly. It really depends on the artwork and written permission is required from the original artist before submitting a request.

• Can I get your artwork tattooed by someone else?

In most cases, no. Please do not take any designs without permission.

• Can you fix my shitty tattoo?

Alex occasionally make exceptions if she feels like it’s something fairly easy to work with. Please send a photo of your shitty tattoo(s) if inquiring about any cover-ups, fix-ups, re-do’s or adding to an existing tattoo.

• Are there certain areas on the body you will not tattoo?

Alex will not tattoo anyone’s face, throat, neck, hands/fingers.